9 Ways Gen Y Provides Leadership, and Productivity to Business

Yep – I’m at it again. I am just enthralled with Gen Y and all the clamoring around their entry into the workplace. So here is more of my thinking…

They may be your next boss!

Are you ready to turn your thinking from Generation Y as difficult people to great corporate citizens? Generation X and the Baby Boomers have not had this kind of press because they remained within a “norm” of others expectations. Gen Y do not consider themselves to be difficult or toxic people.

The good news is that Generation Y learned the importance of balancing work and life from watching their overworked parents. So here are some ideas of what they bring to an overworked, entitlement driven work force.

1. Hold Only Productive Meetings
Email will be the medium for information that just needs to be shared. Thirty minute meetings will pull everyone to the same page while motivating them to get the work done. They bring to the table efficiency, focus and definitive expected outcomes.

2. Training obsessed
And they will determine what they need to learn by engaging great mentors. So if you are a Gen X or Boomer, learn to mentor. This is where the online “social” networks will play a role. Want to learn new skills and polish old ones? Visit http://www.marshapetriesue.com/Successstore.html and enter code BACKTOSCHOOL08 and save 50% on everything including Marsha Petrie Sue’s Toxic People book.

3. Hire Administrative Assistants
Gen Y constantly ask themselves, is this the best use of my skills? If not, someone else needs to do it! They can find over 500 extra hours a year by not doing tasks that don’t maximize their talents. Interestingly they are willing to pay for this themselves because it give them more “free” time.

4. Shorter Work Days
Maximizing technology to get more work done in less time is the name of their game. Already the workplace is watching Gen X take eight hours to accomplish the same work a Gen Y can do in six.

5. Gen Y won’t retire – they will reinvent
They do demand 401K’s and excellent benefits. Every few years they will take time off to enjoy life, then come back with new vigor and ideas on how they want to work and live. They have a new attitude!

6. Emotional Intelligence Promotions
Generation Y will force the Gen Y’s and Baby Boomers to promote them because they do an excellent job. Not because of tenure, seniority, paying your dues or office politics. They will hone their people skills to they lead people more effectively.

7. They value their Helicopter Parents
Parenting comes with a license to hover over the Gen Y kids. Because of this, Gen Y’s respect their parents because of the undying interest in the kids growth and success. Some companies have already designated a “parents waiting room” used while their Gen Y is interviewing for a new position!

8. New View on Performance Reviews
Since they expect constant feedback because of the model set by their Helicopter parents, they will expect the same from their leaders. Frequent feedback, and spot reviews will move Gen Y to quicker improvement and this really matters to Gen Y.

9. Higher Starting Salaries
Gen Y look out for themselves and do their homework. They know the value of their talents and what the supply and demand is in their field. They will use Monster.com, Jobing.com and Payscale.com for salary information.

Actually these 9 elements are good lessons for everyone that wants to be successful. I would recommend reading them again and replace the Generation Y reference with your name. Just a suggestion! If you want the Ten Commandments of Cooperation please email me at Marsha@MarshaPetrieSue.com – and I REALLY enjoy your comments. If you post a comment on this blog I will send you a down loadable copy of my book, The CEO of YOU.

Cheers, Marsha

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  1. Roman says:

    Great points, Marsha!

    I’m GenX-er and right now study OrgBehaviour as part time course. That’s why I explored the subject and and came by your posts.
    You mention that “Gen Y do not consider themselves to be difficult or toxic people”.
    Do GenX-ers and Baby Boomers consider them as such?
    I understand that GenY are more direct and non-conformist and have high expectations (sometimes without real backup). But are they more toxic (rude, arrogant, manipulative, selfish) than average?


    1. Marsha says:

      I think the “perception” of Gen Y’s is what you said. (I understand that GenY are more direct and non-conformist and have high expectations (sometimes without real backup). But are they more toxic (rude, arrogant, manipulative, selfish) than average?) GenY are different and many times different means not like “me” so people say they are all of the above! The old saying “People like people that are more like themselves” rings true here. So my challenge for everyone is not to judge, keep an open mind, gain knowledge by listening and improve individual communication skills. Does that help?

  2. ibrahim says:

    Good illustration and useful Marsha.
    Touching so many aspects.
    wonder improtance of each and how far to go!
    interleations and interactions betwwen them if exist!

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