Technology Hell: testing personal development through computer problems

I love Apple Computers!The last two weeks have been awful because my Apple computer, while I was on the road traveling, decided to become Toxic. It was a Microsoft Office problem – not a Apple hardware problem. I had NO Entourage email address book, had to use the mail service through my web site (pain in the butt) and other “difficult behavior” that only technology can create. My productivity was in the tubes!

The good news was I did have my iPhone – which is something everyone should have.

I took my own advice, didn’t get ticked off or mad, went to MacMedia (angels from heaven) StoreAngels from Heaven and am now the proud owner of a MacBook Pro. So here was my lesson and personal development from having to read through over 500 e-mail messages that were delivered from cyberspace:

1. When the topic of the email changes, change the subject line of the email. Now how hard is that????

2. Be sure you send a copy of the email you are answering. Receiving an email that says, “Great idea. Let’s do it” means I have to search out what is being deemed “Great.” Unless of course, you only get three emails a day.

3. Cover one, maximum two topics per email. My preference is one subject. That way I can answer what I want and flag the others for follow up.

4. Don’t babble and ramble! Get to the point – and even use numbers or bullets. (Can you tell what style I am in the behavioral cycle?? MBTI – ESTJ)

5. Just like customer service rule #1 — tell me in a simple message that you are “checking” or “researching” the message so I don’t think a truck has run you down. I think the rule should be 6 hours and get out a response of some kind.

6. If the information is too complex, sensitive or personal, pick up the phone.

If you want more on perception, please check out my youtube video.

Do you have any pet peeves about email? Do you have any rules you would like people to follow? I would love to hear from you!


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  1. Jens Norgaard says:

    Hi Marsha,
    Jens’ Netiquette Do’s (for the Internet/E-Mails)
    1. Create meaningful subjects (What do you want?)
    2. Keep it work related
    3. Allow time for objectivity before sending
    4. Use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling
    5. Proofread it twice, first backwards…

    Jens’ Netiquette Don’ts
    1. DON’T USE ALL CAPS = shouting or anger!
    2. Don’t use emoticons J :- ) smiley faces
    3. Don’t send copies to everyone
    4. Don’t send communications when upset, angry or frustrated!

    Jens’ E-Mail Tips
    I tell them what I want or need done in the subject.
    I use subject, then verb, then object in my sentences.
    (Subj, verb, object is active voice, simpler, and shorter.)
    I use Punctuation to put tone and body language in.
    Tone and Body Language are 93% of communication.
    If you send it with no punctuation, poor spelling or poor grammar, it reflects you louder than words or actions!
    Jens Norgaard
    Norgaard Seminars
    702 255-5599

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