SOS! Stamp Out Stupidity

By Marsha Petrie Sue

stupidity_at_workThere are misconceptions about the difference between ignorance and stupidity, especially when you look at choices and ability. Ignorance is not knowing something and being unaware of it. Stupidity is being aware that you don’t know something you should and choosing not to do anything about it.

Do you know people mid-career that decide to go back to school, take a class or read incessantly? They know they don’t know and understand that if they improve what they know, their success will be enhanced. These success stories also know that they have to take action and apply what they learn!

Then there are others that sit and wait for someone else to help them understand what they don’t know. Many have jobs and are waiting for a raise or promotion just because they are there. These people expect the expansion of knowledge and success to come in the form of fairy dust or a magic wand. And so many are still waiting.

There have been many times in my life when I have been ignorant. At one point, I knew that a Masters of Business Administration was essential for me to move forward. So it took two years for me to get over my stupidity and realize that was my personal responsibility to do something about it.

Twenty-two months after finally making the decision, I graduated with my MBA and landed the job of my dreams within six months. Was it hard? You bet! I had to tell my friends during my intense courses not to expect me at ‘happy hour’ for all those months. Cutting out all the enjoyable parts of my non-work life was very hard because I do like to have fun, relax and party.

If you would like a download of my CEO of YOU e-book, please email me at Start with Chapter 6 – Unconscious Competence, then read Chapter 1 – You are the Company. The CEO of YOU stands for The Chief Energizing Officer of Your Own Uniqueness: Leading yourself to success. I believe this helps us understand what we need to know for success.

So my lesson: Life is not easy. Life is hard. Get over it. It’s ok to be ignorant, especially if you choose to do something about it. It’s not ok to be stupid.


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