Silence is Golden and Duct Tape is Silver: Three Steps for Better Listening and Communications

What would we do without Duct Tape?Why don’t some people just keep quiet and shut up? And I don’t mean just the difficult or toxic people. Maybe the personal development for workers should include how to sit quietly and just do their job. I was asked to give three reasons why people are motivated to communicate so here they are:

1. They want to hear their idea transferred to another person because they think it is different than anything anyone has said before. My thinking: I try to position my comments as “considerations.” Someone else has probably already thought of what ever I want to say anyway.

2. They think silence means nothing is happening in communication. My thinking: at least half of the people in the world today are slower paced. It is not right or wrong – it just is. And they need thinking time. Pay attention to how they manage communications and flex to their style.

3. They want their ideas and values to be accepted by everyone they are communicating with. My thinking: that is why communication is so dynamic. We all bring a different set of core values and perspectives when talking with someone else. Trained communicators stay open to all information, whether or not it is in perfect sync with how they think.

I, Marsha Petrie Sue, believe these three “considerations” on communications, when followed, allow me to have much better outcomes, and relationships. Whether a personal or professional relationship, I will always do my best to keep an open mind and not let personal judgments and perspectives get in the way.

It takes only three seconds to either open or close a mind. Choosing to keep an open mind is where I always want to be … not hung up with narrow-minded thinking or people! I plan to put away the duct tape, learn that silence is golden, and use personal development to become a better listener.

I am so tired of people not listening. I hope you click below and comment. I would enjoy your post and so would others!!! Thanks, Marsha

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  1. George Weynand says:

    It would also be nice if the people who are talking would know when to shut up. It’s as if they keep saying the same thing in a multitude of ways until you agree with them. I understood it the first time, I just needed a few seconds to digest it before I responded.

  2. Deb Ferns says:

    I tend to talk, listen and physically move at a fairly fast clip. I don’t need people to say the same thing again and again, I just want them to move on to the next subject. That’s where the frustration level comes through in my body language. I am going to try to incorporate Marsha’s comments and apply a bit of my yoga breathing techniques in every day communication.

  3. Linda Riches says:

    I have learned to limit my availability to certain people because our ‘conversations’ are one-sided. They call me to listen to them talk. I make sure to check that I’m not enabling that behavior and yet I don’t get caught up in finishing my statement when I’m suddenly being talked over. I’m not in a position to correct or help them become a better listener just because I am.

    Marsha’s 3 motivations for communicating help me to understand with whom I’m talking. It is so enjoyable and refreshing when there is a mutual exchange of ideas and even debate, where all parties give and take respectfully.

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