Shine in 2009

Think about how you will be better and different in 2009.  Here is a list for consideration:

1. Take Personal Responsibility for everything

2. Decide to decide and make better choices

3. Learn something new at least weekly

4. Choose to reduce conflict and improve communications

5. Spend wisely and save more. Don’t buy junk you don’t need

6. Celebrate more and create joy

7. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Peace, love, HOPE and happiness.
Have a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year!  Marsha Petrie Sue
Marsha Petrie Sue, professional speaker and author, is the Muhammad Ali of communicators. She can dance and look pretty, and she uses the entire ring, but she knows how and when to land a knockout punch.  Get the smelling salts! Her presentations are charm school with live ammunition. From Dave Rawles – President, Career Solutions

Bestseller on the “What Corporate America is Reading” from CEO-Read, Barnes and Noble and Amazon
She has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek On Line, Business Journal, Reuters, Investors Business Digest and more!

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  1. Su says:

    Hi Marsha,
    This really inspired me…! Thanks a tonne for a nice article.
    And also, thanks for coming by my blog, i highly appreciate it… I am infact surprised to see you there. 🙂
    That’s a good surprise BTW 😀

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