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I am always pleased to see how many people invest in themselves and their own learning. My resources are available at many of the speaking venues. Recently, out of a group of approximately 450, more than 60% took home my full package of books, DVD’s and CD’s. They made the choice to invest in themselves.

Here are some of my guiding principles when it comes to my own learning.

1.      Always have a book. Keep it with you so when you have down time you can fill these precious minutes with more than just reading The National Enquirer. Right now, I’m reading (for the second time) People are Idiots and I can prove it by Larry Winget.

2.      Spend time with smart people. Invest your time with people that invest in themselves and are life long learners. Two things will happen: they will share knowledge and their habits will rub off on you.

3.      You learn what you teach. Blog, twitter or post your insights and learnings. Mentor someone and share your expertise. The more you share, the better chance you have of changing old habits.

4.      Read and learn on a broad range of topics. Buy a Popular Mechanics, Field and Stream, Fast Company, Car and Driver or any magazine associated with anything you haven’t done.

Expand your learning!
Another great resource

Another great resource

Expand your learning!

5.      Sign up yourself or get your team together and sign up for the following program. There is no investment for you except your time! Or heck, listen with your family…

March 26, 2009 – Complimentary teleclass presented by Hilton-Johnson
I’ll be speaking on THE REACTOR FACTOR – how to respond positively to negative situations at work. Sign up today! 7 PM CST (9PM EST)

Recommended Books and Programs:

Success IQ by Stephanie Frank:
Stephanie Frank is one of the great minds, not to mention a friend. She has built the world’s first quiz that tests your Success IQ! I tried it and I think you should too.
What’s your Success IQ?
Click here <>  to take the short quiz and find out. Let me know how you do!

Expect Success by Drew Laughlin
Purchase “Expect Success: How to Accomplish Anything in Life Using Your Inner Circle of Success” and receive a free audio download, worksheets and bonuses. After you complete your purchase on simply forward your receipt to: amazon [at] youcanexpectsuccess [dot] com and I will personally reply with a special, private download page.

Sign up for The Personal Responsibility for Success Club on FaceBook. People: Take Personal Responsibility

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