Paddy’s Pledge: create your own luck with difficult people

St. Patrick’s Day Happy St. Patrick’s Day and this is a great time to get all the “snakes” out of your life – just like St. Patrick did!

I _____________ (your name) promise that I will identify toxic behavior, use new skills in my approach, and NEVER use excuses ever again. I have the strength and fortitude to continue to practice, even after I have failed. I am never the Toxic Person. I pledge to stay calm, and to keep my temper. I promise never to take a Toxic Person’s behavior personally or to seek retribution. I know how to keep my power by maintaining control. I create my own environment that nurtures my success. I am the master of my future, my stress level, and my own behavior.

Down load this message in a PDF document form and use it as a screen saver. You will love the graphics with this one!!

Have fun, stay safe and never let the Backstabbers, Steamrollers, Know it Alls, or other toxic behaviors and difficult people bother you! It IS all about personal responsibility.


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